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Why is The Brown Bottle using brown coloured bottles and containers?
Does The Brown Bottle test on animals?
Should I sign up for my account?
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What does Bespoke mean here?
So how does Bespoke work?
There are three ways to get bespoke products.
  • Use our default formula for all skin types. If you are not sure about your skin types, this option will be good enough for you.
  • If you want a dedicated product based on your skin type and concerns, simply tick any items aligns with your skin type then our system will bring the recommended formula accordingly.
  • You can even fully customise as you wish by selecting individual ingredients. We don't normally recommend this option unless you are a guru!
Once you place an order, all your selected ingredients from the above options with the product base will be delivered to you. When you get it, all you need to do is just mix everything and use!
See more about How It Works.
Are there only Bespoke products? What about complete products?
Why do you have just a few products?
What ingredients do you use in The Brown Bottle's products?
Why soapberry?
Are there any products for babies or men?
Does The Brown Bottle use preservatives to ensure its product shelf life?

Yes. Preservation is mandatory in natural skincare products as the products are good for our skin, but also vulnerable to yeasts, moulds and bacteria. The Brown Bottle uses certified organic preservatives and utilises small concentrations of natural plant-based alcohols and extracts, Australian native extracts, vitamin E and natural antioxidants to improve the shelf life of the products.

How can The Brown Bottle be sustainable?
The Brown Bottle has a holistic approach to our business. We;
  • use only natural raw ingredients from plants that are 100% renewable.
  • support our customers to achieve more sustainable lifestyles by suggesting how to reduce the number of daily personal care products (Read skincare diet).
  • use packages made with materials that are absolutely reusable and bio-degradable.
So our customers can care for themselves, our precious animal friends and environment.
What is the expiry date for the products?

As the ingredients for our products are organic-based, the expiry date is little bit shorter.
Products should be used within 6 months of opening. Always use a spatula to dispense the product, replace the cap after use and keep water-tight.

Why the viscosity of The Brown Bottle’s shampoos is lower than usual shampoos?
What are the differences between Bubble free for babies & no-poo challenger and Pure bubble for general use shampoos?

Bubble free for babies & no-poo challenger shampoo
It doesn’t contain any other surfactant rather than soapberry infused liquid itself! Thanks to soapberry’s gentle yet effective cleansing ability, it would be a wonderful alternative for no-poo challengers.
As the pH of soapberry infused liquid is 5.5, which is the same with our skin; it is perfect for babies and those with sensitive, allergies and also great for septic and grey water systems. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that soothe itch and troubled scalp.
Pure bubble for general use shampoo
Compared to the Bubble free shampoo, the Pure bubble shampoo contains ‘Decyl glucoside’ which is proved its safety from ACO. We used the minimum amount to boost foam for who think having a shower is so much better when it’s safe, sustainable and soapy.
Decyl glucoside is:
  • Came from coconut
  • 100% bio-degradable foam stabiliser without the environmental issues
  • One of a few ACO (Australian Certified Organic) approved, safe organic surfactants
  • A non-ionic surfactant which is mild surfactant group


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