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Why is my skin dry even though I drink a lot of water?

May 10, 2019 by Sora

Do you drink water to solve the skin dryness? Do you try to drink recommended ingestion of water for a day?

I heard that the recommended ingestion of water for an adult woman has to drink in a day is around 2.3 litre. I have severely dry skin and it usually gets worse in the dry season, so I try to drink water more than usual. Drinking more water will be helpful to my skin, right?

Would drinking more water help for dry skin?

70% of our body consists of water and it plays important functions in our bodies such as metabolism, cleansing, blood circulation and others. To a large extent, these above functions help to improve the skin complexion and make the skin healthier.

However, would your skin dryness be improved by drinking just more water? You may think drinking more water will increase the water content in the body but our kidneys are working hard to maintain a certain amount of water in our body. Due to that reason, it is a kind of given step that you would go to the toilet more often when you drink more water. If you think up to this, isn't it quite doubtful that drinking just more water will solve the skin dryness issue?

Occlusives vs Humectants Ingredients

There are two key components in the skincare products that manage skin moisturisation.

  • Occlusives: Literally, these ingredients block the water evaporation from the skin surface. Simply like a cling wrap that prevents food from drying up, these ingredients work the same way. The usual occlusive ingredients are oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil; petroleum jelly such as propylene glycol and vaseline; and dimethicone derived from silicone.
  • Humectants: The common examples of humectants are glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These humectants have an excellent ability to absorb moisture, thus very effective in keeping the moisture on your skin surface. However, paradoxically, if you are in a very dry environment (like on board the plane), it may have an adverse effect of draining the moisture out of your skin surface into the air. Because the humectant ingredients are only able to move the moisture to the drier side.

So, how can I moisturise my dry skin?

For moisturising your skin, use both components together. It is all about applying the humectant components to gather the moisture then, block the moisture from evaporating by using occlusive component. As I continuously emphasise, the key to hydration is using water + oil. After you take shower, if you apply body oil right while your body is still damp with the water, the moisture(humectant) is blocked by the oil(occlusive).

Good habits for moisturising dry skin

If your skin is too dry, do not use skincare products that create excessive foam, whether it is for your hair, skin or any other household products. Those products usually contain lots of surfactants (the foaming agents) and when your skin is directly exposed to those products, it loses all the sebum which works as skin barrier and create severe dryness.

It is advisable to make a habit of using rubber gloves while doing the dishes. It is also recommended to use fewer detergents. When the detergents are not washed off properly and left on your bedding, the residue may be absorbed into your skin when you sweat, cause skin dryness. And the dry skin is easily irritated even with rough fabrics such as wool, may even cause contact dermatitis.

Make sure to check all the ingredients

If you like to choose the right skincare products for dry skin, you must check all the ingredients on the label. Even though the product contains ingredients like natural oils, the occlusive ingredients, it makes a huge difference depending on whether the ingredients are written first or last. Read the label thoroughly and find the right product that perfectly suits your skin!

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