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Wash your body with shampoo

Apr 5, 2017 by Sora

How many wash-off products are there in your bathroom? Have you ever thought about an all-in-one cleanser that can be used for head-to-toes? Why is there no head-to-toe cleanser for adults?

Why doesn’t The Brown Bottle sell body shower gel separately?

Is there a body wash product for men? Because my husband is quite hairy.

Sometimes, my friends and customers ask me to develop a shower gel with soapberry extracts. They already have positive experiences of Soapberry shampoo and foam cleanser, however, when they use a higher amount of sunscreen during outdoor activities, they still miss a body cleanser or shower gel which produces abundant lather.

I answered the call, using Soapberry shampoo to wash their bodies. Then, ten out of ten responded with a surprising “What? A shampoo for hair can be used for the body?” Yes, of course! Who makes a rule that a shampoo has to be used only for hair? Shampoos and conditioners for hair, shower gels for body, foam cleansers for facial wash, hand wash, and soap… Have you noticed that cosmetic companies’ marketing strategies work really well?

I’d like to make it known in advance, there are thousands of shampoos that contain toxic chemical ingredients are sold in the market, that are not suitable even for washing hair. However, if we read the full ingredient list carefully and the product is found to be safe, then why not use the product as an all-in-one cleanser for head-to-toes? To help your understanding, let’s have a look at the ingredient list of Organic Soapberry 3-in-1 shampoo - Pure Bubble for General Use from The Brown Bottle.

The Brown Bottle’s Organic Soapberry 3-in-1 Shampoo - Pure Bubble for General Use

Safety check from EWG Skin Deep Database

Check cosmetic ingredient’s function in formula from COSING, EU Cosmetic ingredient database

What ingredients and functions can you see roughly? All green safe ingredients including surfactants (the foaming agents), skin and hair conditioning agents, skin protectors, soothing agents, and also natural film foaming agent! ‘Glyceryl Caprylate’ and ‘Glyceryl Undecylenate’ are originally used as emollients and emulsifying agents but, they also have effective preserving abilities so they are approved as preservatives that can be used in organic formula from organic certifying organisations. Usually, cosmetic companies loudly advertise this kind of product as a ‘Preservative FREE’ shampoo. Botanic extracts that are good for hair care are also beneficial to skin care too.

Why are these types of head-to-toe or all-in-one cleansers are not common?

Frankly speaking, its the cost of the product. Surfactants that are derived from botanical sources, and allowed to be used in organic formulas from organic certifying organisations are much more expensive than petrochemical surfactants like SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), which are widely used in wash-off products.

Also, if cosmetic companies produce products separately, according to each small function, rather than producing head-to-toe or all-in-1 products, it increases sales opportunities. They increase their product range with shampoos for washing, conditioners for conditioning, treatments for hair protection, and many leave-in products for nourishing hair. You might assume already, as the list goes on, that each product’s budget is getting cheaper.

The Brown Bottle’s products are…

When The Brown Bottle develops a product, we keep our focus on producing a well-rounded product that can be used from head-to-toe, and baby-to-adult. One that is formulated with safe ingredients to keep myself, loved ones, and our precious environment healthy together.

If you use The Brown Bottle’s Organic Soapberry 3-in-1 shampoo - Pure Bubble for General Use, try it as your shower gel as well. Make a luxurious foam with a shower mesh sponge! You will be surprised by how silky smooth your skin feels after you shower.

The Easter holidays are coming. If you plan to escape for camping, just bring The Brown Bottle’s Soapberry shampoo for whole your family’s head-to-toe wash! :D To reduce the number of wash-off products in your bathroom, and to keep your family and environment healthy, let’s READ THE INGREDIENT LIST on personal care products!

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