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Tips for choosing the right hair conditioner and treatment

Jan 30, 2019 by Sora

Does your hair feel smoother after using hair conditioner, serum or treatment? When using them, your hair feels silky yet, why does it feel dry and damaged again after you shampoo?

After a number of hair perms and consecutive dying, my hair is too damaged. I’m using hair conditioner, treatment and serum as well out of desperation. But the effect does not last and when I’m about to blow dry my hair, it still feels very dry and rough.

Do you feel that your hair condition becomes better after using the hair conditioner and treatment?

Perming, dying and many other chemical treatments make your hair more easy to be damaged. I believe we have all tried buying a bunch of hair treatment products after discovering some split ends. But if you think about this, you will realize that your hair feels extremely soft when you apply them but, when you wash your hair again… Your hair is back to feeling rough, dry and damaged again. Why is that so?

How does the hair conditioner and treatment work?

Hair conditioner and treatment usually contain silicone, wax, polymer and other substances, which sticks easily between the cracks of your hair (the damaged parts of hair) and gives a coating effect on the hair. So, when you apply them onto wet hair, you will have that instant smooth and silky sensation and your hair condition seems better. These substances tend to stay on your hair even after rinsing your hair with water.

However, shampoo has surfactant, which washes off the substances that were coating your hair. Thus, when you wash your hair and blow dry, your hair will feel rough again. People say the hair once damaged cannot be recovered to its normal condition because they are treating their hair in a way that would only give the ‘instant silky sensation’ rather than making their hair fundamentally healthy again.

Do treatments that can improve your hair’s natural strength

When the hair is damaged, you must use slightly acidic shampoo. Do take note that alkaline product tends to worsen the damage on your hair. If you are using a slightly acidic shampoo, you do not necessarily have to use any hair conditioner and would still be able to keep your hair soft.

Also, the basic rule about moisturising, which is ‘water+oil’ also applies to the hair conditioning as well. When blow drying, do not dry your hair only with hot air. That might dry out all the moisture on your hair. So, please blow dry with cold air instead. In addition to that, apply a little amount of carrier (vegetable) oils such as argan oil or castor oil when your hair is still slightly wet. By doing this, you can prevent static during dry weather and reduce any damage from UV. Other than moisturising substances, the oil contains many good substances that can be the fundamental solution for your damaged hair, such as antioxidant, fatty acid carotene, vitamin and polyphenol. If you use the mentioned carrier oils as hair mask instead of those in the market, there will be a significant improvement in your hair condition as the effect is totally different from the mere silicone coating effect of ordinary hair conditioner and treatment in the market.

Check the ingredient labelling of the product thoroughly!

If you are purchasing another separate hair treatment product, do choose the one that contains substances such as proteins, carrier oils and others that can really make your hair healthy again. Please avoid those products that emphasise how fast their results are or those that contain silicone as the main ingredient. If you are using carrier oil blend, you may apply them on your face as well as your hair. Substances that are good for your skin are also good for your hair!

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