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Tips and tricks: How to use your skincare products 200%

Aug 21, 2017 by Sora

So you have the best skincare products for your daily life but still need other ones from time to time when seasons change, right? Your skincare products don’t work the same as they usually do? Are you concerned about building up a tolerance if you use the same products for a long time?

It's the same serum, but sometimes it hydrates effectively and sometimes it doesn’t... Also, my skin doesn't feel the same as when I used it for the first time. Have I developed a tolerance because I've used this product for too long?

People used to ask me if they could develop a tolerance if they used the same skincare products for too long. They felt like their products did not work the same as they did the first time. But that's kind of just a myth. Skincare products are not medicine, so if you find a suitable skincare product, it’s okay to keep using it as long as you please.

But then why do we feel like some skincare products don’t work as well as they used to, like we need to find new ones?

Our skin conditions are not the same all the time.

Skin changes according to the weather, our nutrition, and general aging, among other things. And so it's only natural that our skincare needs would change over time too. Cosmetics companies target each of these needs and release as many products as they can develop. However, do we really need all those skincare products that they only differ in their viscosities?

Change the way you put on your skincare products.

When you buy new skincare products, you need to consider what to use first to build up your own skincare order. But oh dear, it’s more important that you know how to use them properly to best contend with your skin condition!

Let’s be more exact: Skincare products are basically just various combinations of water and oils, right? They could be serums, lotions, or creams depending on their ratios of water and oil ingredients. Essentially, this means that skincare products differ according to their viscosities and the measures of oily ingredients they contain. In that case, we’d better reduce the number of skincare products and focus instead on how to use them to suit our current skin conditions! To clear up the confusion, let me show you how I use mine.

I have just four skincare products: a hydrosol toner, an aloe serum, an oil blend, and a moisturiser. Sometimes it’s good to use them as directed on the label, but at other times I feel like I need some more of one or another. In this case, I use my skincare tricks like so:

Repeat the using of Hydrosol Toner = Instant Hydration 

When my skin feels dry, I use a hydrosol toner repeatedly. I apply the toner and wait until it has penetrated my skin, and then I apply a bit more. I repeat this 4-7 times for instant, thorough hydration. But you should pick up a really watery toner which has been formulated with safe ingredients, as repetition means you'll be applying those things to your skin quite often, with the effects accumulating over time. Be safe from the start!

Hydrosol Toner + Aloe Serum = Boost Serum, Essence Serum

I modify the viscosity of my aloe serum by mixing it with the hydrosol toner, taking it from a runny-textured boost serum for effective penetration to a thicker-textured essence serum for hydration and moisturisation! You can easily modify its texture just by mixing both products to suit your own skin condition.

Hydrosol toner + Aloe serum + Moisturiser = Milky Hydrating Lotion

Aloe serum + Moisturiser = Ultra Hydrating Cream

You really don’t need to have a serum, a lotion, and a cream separately. If you need a lotion, just mix the aloe serum with moisturiser and then, if necessary, modify the thickness by using a hydrosol toner. The mixture of aloe serum and moisturiser makes for a stunningly effective hydrating cream!

Moisturiser + Oil blend = Rich Nourishing Cream

Mix the moisturiser and oil blend to modify the oily texture. You don’t have to buy each day cream, moisturiser, and nourishing night cream separately.

In the sweaty steam of summer, I use just a hydrosol toner and aloe serum. But in winter, when the air is very dry, I add a few drops of an oil blend to the aloe serum for a more effective moisturising. It is interesting to see the results vary when you change the method of your blend, even if you use the same products in new mixtures. So when you feel like you need a new skincare product, try instead to mix what you already have in a new way rather buying new products altogether.

The point of this trick is to modify the viscosities of serums and moisturisers by adding a hydrosol toner, modifying oily textures, or boosting nourishment by adding a facial oil blend. Easy, isn’t it?

However, I should mention again that the products you choose absolutely must be made with totally safe ingredients! You have to carefully read the ingredients lists when you shop for skincare products.

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