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Skincare products for your babies, are they unscented?

Jan 4, 2019 by Sora

Aromatic lavender fragrance for baby skincare products and massage oils. Is this really needed for the babies? Have you checked the ingredients of the cream you put on babies whenever they scratch themselves?

I purchased a baby body massage oil containing lavender essential oil for relaxation… can natural essential oil have adverse effects to babies?

Reasons to add scent to baby products

Have you ever wondered why cosmetics companies add essential oils -such as lavender or cedar wood- to baby products, when every mother knows that unscented product is better for babies?

Imagine using a tester before purchasing your personal care product. What is the first thing you see? First, the container should have eye-catching design or firm grip. After opening the cap…? That’s right. Most people test the fragrance before testing its texture or application.

Do you get the gist now? This is scent marketing is targeting mothers who actually purchase the products, rather than babies who can’t open their own wallets.

Why is using essential oil on baby products a concern?

I’m sure you already know all about the adverse effects caused by artificially synthetic fragrances, but many are less aware of the products containing essential oil.

Essential oils are literally essential ingredients densely extracted from plants, so dense that can be used medicinally. It is a traditional medicinal ingredient that can, with appropriate quantity, match premium cosmetics ingredients. However, since no clinical trials were executed on pregnant women or infants, there is no information on potential harms, and since these ingredients can travel the body through blood vessels, it is not recommended for infants, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. In addition, as babies need to develop autogenous capabilities such as sebum secretion, it is safer to avoid essential oil.

Choose products that are safe to use in overlaps

Babies scratch themselves more in-between seasons or when the weather is dry; because their skin haven’t developed sebaceous glands yet, they have no oil layer, and thus are more susceptible to evaporation.

In such times, it is important to frequently apply moisturisers to prevent dry skin. Cream-type products with rich formulation may seem more moisturising, but they aren’t really. If you need frequent moisturising, it is much more effective to apply lotion-type products with oil or balm. As they need to be overlapped, don’t forget to check for essential oil or any adverse ingredients.

Remember that moisturising is basically ‘water + oil’. The moisturising effect is doubled when you apply the moisturiser into the skin that has moisture after cleansing or shower.

Make sure you check all ingredients

If you are breastfeeding, it is beneficial to use the same unscented skin care products with the baby. If you used unscented 100% carrier oil to treat stretch marks during pregnancy, it can also function perfectly as baby body massage oil. (For differences between carrier oil and essential oil, refer to The Brown Bottle’s previous blog posts.)

You can’t stress enough about checking every ingredient of the product you and your baby will use! Why don’t you make your own safe personal care products suitable for you and your baby at The Brown Bottle?

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