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Skin irritation Vs Allergic reaction

Mar 23, 2019 by Sora

Do you feel itchy when you wear new cloth? Or when you apply a new set of skincare product? Or even when you are using your existing skin care product?

I wore newly washed clothes but I couldn’t stop scratching myself. I think the detergent residue irritated my skin, or maybe I’m allergic to the detergent substance?

The confusion between ‘irritated skin’ and ‘allergic reaction’

When your skin becomes red and swollen after scratching or having rashes all over your body, would it be considered an allergic reaction? Or would it be considered skin irritation? Today we are going to discuss in detail about these two clearly distinctive yet, often mixed up symptoms.

Skin Irritation

A substance that irritates the skin, a stimulant is a substance that causes irritation when it touches the skin for a certain period of time, causing skin cell damage. The intensity of response to stimulants varies from person to person, and people with sensitive skin react more strongly to the same product than others.

The skin irritation symptoms are tingling, pulling, drying, and itching. Skin irritants that are commonly encountered in daily life include surfactants (foaming ingredients including detergents), preservatives, and high-functional cosmetic ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids(AHA) and vitamin A.

Allergic Reaction

Allergens can bind to skin proteins that form antigens, which, when exposed, irritates the body's immune system and cause allergic reactions. Allergic reactions usually happen slower than skin irritation which was mentioned above, as the immune system takes time to prepare for defence, and most occur when there is more than one exposure to the same allergen.

Most allergens cause symptoms of, redness, swelling, rashes, or blisters. The most common allergenic ingredients in cosmetics are fragrances and preservatives.

If you continue to be exposed to skin irritants and allergens

As mentioned above, such as the harmful ingredients in cosmetics, your skin cells will be damaged and it will not be able to play a role as a shield. Skin that has lost its resistance gets more susceptible. It may lead to skin diseases such as contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, photoallergic dermatitis, acnegenicity, etc.

Check all the ingredients

Actually, it would not be easy to buy cosmetics that are formulated without preservatives. If you want to use a product that is made with safer and mild ingredients, it is necessary to thoroughly check all ingredients before purchasing the product. Because it is difficult to restore the skin's sensitivity once it already becomes sensitive. Please remember that personal care products and even(!) laundry detergents that you used can be irritating to your skin if the environment changes, such as dry weather or the season changes!

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