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Skin care during the pregnancy and nursing period (1)

Nov 22, 2018 by Sora

Do freckles or blemishes irritate you during the pregnancy? Are you worried that some of the skin care products may have a harmful effect on the fetus?

My esthetician advised me to do my skin care more thoroughly as freckles or skin discolouration usually gets worse during pregnancy. But my ob-gyn advised me better not to apply many things on my skin. As I’m clueless, I just use some of the products recommended by my friends.

Our skin during the pregnancy

It sounds like a natural course, but the key is to do a basic skin care, with products made from safe ingredients, on a regular basis. During the pregnancy, estrogen hormone starts to rise after the initial unstable period, and this makes your skin elastic and bright. But, in the later part of the pregnancy, skin pigmentation gets more severe and makes the freckles more obvious. And your overall skin looks rough as it lacks enough moisture. In addition to that, your edema is more likely to get worse.

You might be interested in whitening products that contain Vitamin C or Retinol ingredient at this point, but please postpone everything to after your delivery. These products usually contain ingredients with high permeability and other active ingredients. They are good for healthy skin, but may cause dermatitis to the sensitive skin. Ointments or pills are not usually prescribed to expectant mothers when they develop skin trouble or inflammation. Especially, an excessive consumption of Retinol which is in the family of vitamin A, may cause congenital anomalies.

Skin care for expectant mothers

Take an extra care on moisturising your skin.

Always remember that skin care products are basically ‘water+oil’. The moisturising effect is doubled when you apply the moisturiser into the skin that has moisture after cleansing or shower.

Use a mild exfoliator regularly

When your body lacks water, the skin becomes flaky. No matter how good is the moisturiser, it does not work properly with the accumulated dead skin cells. Use a mild exfoliator on a regular basis. If you use moisturiser after exfoliation, your skin will keep its moisture and soft texture for a longer time.

Don’t forget to use the sunblock to reduce skin pigmentation

Despite the white cast and sticky feeling, please use the safer physical sunscreens that are made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide. For the reason why we need to use the physical sunscreen, please refer to the last blog post , How to wash off a tacky sunscreen.

Bespoke skin care products of The Brown Bottle

If you look at the ingredients used in skin care products targeting expectant mothers, you would hardly find any product without synthesized preservatives, or even the non-scented moisturiser. The Brown Bottle allows you to pick the essential plant extracts for your basic skin care products like toners and moisturisers. You may also create your personal oil blend which is especially effective for stretch marks by selecting the suitable set of carrier oils. With The Brown Bottle, make your very own, safe skin care products!

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