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Shaking VS Solubiliser

Dec 10, 2016 by Sora

Rebecca, one of our customers, asked us 

Hi, I use The Brown Bottle’s All-in-1 cleanser. Whenever I look carefully inside of the bottle, the cleanser has divided into 2 layers and I also can see brownish floating things in the middle too. Is it okay to use?

Definitely, it’s very, very okay to keep using, dear! I’ll tell you why it looks like that and I bet you’ll like the layers :)

PEGs? What’s that?

If you have read your skincare products’ ingredients labels, you probably remember some of the common ingredients started with ‘PEG-xxx’. It can be hydrogenated olive oil or castor oil and so on as they are derived from the natural oils. Sounds natural? Please keep following me then. PEGs stands for Polyethylene Glycols and they are a solubiliser that enables oils to be soluble in the water. They are commonly used in cream, lotion, cleanser and shampoo, etc, even though they are recommended to be used in wash-off type skincare products.

Are they dangerous to use?

According to EWG's (The Environment Working Group) which is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, they scored ingredients that started with ‘PEG’ as 3 (Moderate hazard) out of 10. Still seem like okay ingredients? However, EWG’s noted ‘HIGH concerns: Contamination concerns and other LOW concerns: Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)’.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is produced by the interaction of ethylene oxide with water, ethylene glycol, or ethylene glycol oligomers, which is called Ethoxylation process. EWG’s noted 

During the process, the carcinogen 1,4-DIOXANE contaminates up to 46% of personal care products tested (OCA 2008, EWG 2008). The chemical is an unwanted byproduct of an ingredient processing method called ethoxylation used to reduce the risk of skin irritation for petroleum-based ingredients. Though 1,4-dioxane can easily be removed from products before they are sold, its widespread presence in products indicates that many manufacturers fail to take this simple step.

Why are they widely used then?

Traditional solubilisers need to be added in double or triple amount of the oil ingredients in a formula to make them soluble in water. However, if you use PEG family solubilisers, you need to just add 0.5% amount of the oil ingredients to make fully dissolved, crystal clear serum or skin toner. Now, can you notice why those solubilisers are popular?

The Brown Bottle’s Organic Soapberry All-in-1 cleanser doesn’t contain any solubilisers

It is really easy to make a clear, not layered, cleanser by adding few grams of ‘PEG’ solubilisers in it. However, The Brown Bottle believes if its use isn’t mandatory, that minimizing the use of chemical processed and petrochemical based ingredients would be more beneficial for us and our environment. So, what you all need to do is ‘shake well before use’ as directed to use our true Organic Soapberry All-in-1 Cleanser, then you don’t need to worry about facing the carcinogens ingredient in your bathroom.

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