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No-poo? What the...

Oct 26, 2016 by Sora

What is no-poo?

According to, it says the definition and theory of no-poo as following;

“No poo" (or no shampoo) is a collective term for methods of washing hair without commercial shampoo.

There is, in normal circumstances, no medical reason for humans to wash their hair, and washing practices are determined by cultural norms and individual preferences, with some people washing daily, some fortnightly, and some not at all. From a clinical point of view, 'the main purpose for a shampoo is to cleanse the scalp', though most patients would disagree, stating that the purpose of shampoo is to beautify the hair.

"No poo", Accessed on 29 Aug 2016.

Avoid using harsh chemical surfactants for shampooing

It is known that no-poo can be an answer to keep our scalp and hair and also the environment from the harsh chemical based surfactants that are used without hesitation by many of conscienceless companies, even though there are tremendous evidences of the ingredients’ side-effects and harmful consequences from our health to the environment.

Usually, many of no-pooers wash their hair with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar using their pH. Wheat flour or rye flour is used alternatively and of course, only with water as well. If you forget about the foam which comes from chemical surfactants, the possible no-poo methods can be countless. 

Baking powder and apple cider vinegar, are they the answer?

You can find many of positive testimonials of no-poo, however, there are also many of opposite feedbacks too. The main reasons they gave up no-poo are it’s hard to rinse only with water if someone uses styling products. Its preparation is handful, so hard to be a sustainable washing routine. Long hair can be easily tangled while wash with baking soda and pulled out in result.

Soapberry, Mother Nature’s soap

What about get some ideas from the traditional wash-off methods?  Especially, soapberry fruit contains plenty of saponins, the natural surfactant which even can be used alone for laundry work. It is hypoallergenic and pH is 5.5-6, the same with our skin, good for babies and those with sensitive and allergic scalp. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, perfect for troubled and itch scalp. As it doesn’t strip too much on your natural skin sebum, it doesn't cause scalp dryness.

Check our post about soapberry.

Why The Brown Bottle's Organic soapberry shampoo for babies and no-poo challenger?

Although you could see soapberry has so many benefits, the annoying thing is you need to infuse the saponins ingredients whenever you use. Because you don’t wash your hair daily when you try no-poo, the infused soapberry water won’t go long enough. Some people add citric acid to keep it longer, however, it could drop its pH too much. The Brown Bottle has developed this innovative shampoo for babies and no-poo challengers as we understand it’s hard to be sustainable if it is not handy to use.

Cleansing, conditioning and moisturising, 3-in-1 organic shampoos are designed to cleanse the hair and remove sebum, dead skin cells, styling residues and other soils without any chemical surfactant. As it is an effective cleanser, it won’t cause tangles or be drying on your hair, scalp, or even hands. This surfactant-free shampoo would be a wonderful alternative for no-poo challengers.

When you use this for the first time, you might consume more amount than usual shampoos as there’s no lather at all. However, as mentioned above, from a clinical point of view, ‘the main purpose of a shampoo is to clean up the scalp’. Please keep in mind that massage on your entire scalp and rinse thoroughly. Even you still feel oily on your fingers, but magic will be when your hair dried. Many of users of this innovative shampoo said they couldn’t stop touching their hair and scalp due to clean and silky smooth after feel. 

Check our No-Poo challenger shampoo 250ml or 500ml.

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