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Is eye cream really necessary separately??

Jul 26, 2018 by Sora

Do you think you must use special care products for the sensitive skin around your eyes? Do you think you must invest in your eye cream in order to get rid of the eye wrinkles, even though the price is a little too expensive?

I’ve heard that it’s all the marketing illusions created by personal care product companies, but I’ve been also told that the skin around your eyes is thin and very vulnerable to become wrinkly. So, I purchased the product despite its high price…. Yet, I don’t even dare to use it freely thinking about how much money I spent on it!

Why not to apply the product for the sensitive skin around eyes, on your whole face?

For the bloggers that I know and my friends who pay a closer attention to personal care products’ ingredients told me not to fall for the marketing tactics of the companies. However, I’m constantly being heard that the skin around the eye area has a thin and sensitive skin. Thus, I must use personal care product specially dedicated to eye area… I am just concerned that I will be the only one with the wrinkly eyes if not to do so. Why would I have to give away the mild and good special care products to eye area only?

That’s why we need to compare the ingredients.

Now, let me compare the ingredients of the mega-trend Australian personal care product brand, A*sop’s famous product, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum ($91.00/10ml) and The Brown Bottle’s Organic Pure Moisturiser ($49.50/60ml moisturiser kit base).

A*sop - Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum

It can be seen that the product has been manufactured with care as it is for the eye area. PEG and other harmful ingredients are not included. As you all know, the ingredients are listed on the ingredient label in the order of the amount they are contained. The preservative you must pay attention to is phenoxyethanol (I will write another post on phenoxyethanol next time), and it can only be used in maximum 1% amount of the total amount of product. So, in 10ml product, there will be 0.1ml of phenoxyethanol, right? Then, shall we see how much parsley seed essential oil is contained in the popular Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum? As you can see, parsley seed essential oil is at third last on the ingredient label…. Which is way beyond phenoxyethanol. Do you notice? Its amount is not even 0.1ml…

The Brown Bottle - Organic Pure Moisturiser

I marked in red the overlapping ingredients of the above eye cream and The Brown Bottle’s moisturiser base. Considering that the ingredients are written in the order of their amount being used in the product, most of the ingredients written first are overlapping. It is quite natural as personal care products, especially creams and lotions are made from emulsified water and oil. Now, we must pay attention to… that’s right, you have to check the emulsifiers and preservatives. We are not just looking at some of the ingredients, but the whole. The Brown Bottle is using even emulsifiers and preservatives that are certified organic!

As the essential oil cannot be used in a huge amount, all the parsley seed oil line products - facial cleansing oil, skin toner, serum, eye cream, hydrating cream, mask and such are merely the products developed for the marketing purpose that only consist the small amount of certain essential oils, not made from any unique formula.

So, which product should I choose?

Actually, if you take a look at the ingredients used in the products sold as eye creams, there is no big difference in terms of their ingredients, and some even consist of fragrance, colouring, alcohol and other components that might irritate your skin. Don’t you think it is better to use mild products for the whole skin, not only for the eye area? Depending on your skin type, I believe there are your desirable type of personal care products like toner, serum, lotion, cream and such, depending on their texture. Among them, I suggest you to use those consist of antioxidative components, intercellular communication components and moisturising components like carrier oils, yet not including any component that might cause irritation.

Do not focus on the one or two visible ingredients. Check the ingredient labelling of the product thoroughly!

So that we would not be allured by the marketing scheme and purchase any personal care product with an overbearing price tag. I believe thoughtful purchasing behaviours of each and every customer will burst the bubble of personal care products’ price.

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