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3 reasons how EWG helps you find safe personal care products

Jan 14, 2017 by Sora

Tremendous personal care products claim to be organic, natural, … free, etc. Yet, how would you know if they are reliable or whether any nasty stuff is included, but simply not mentioned intentionally? One of easiest solutions is EWG Skin Deep.

What is EWG and Skin Deep database?

Environment Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.

EWG's Skin Deep is a database that provides an online safety guide for cosmetics and personal care products. It was launched in 2004 to help people find safer products. The database provides easy-to-navigate safety ratings for tens of thousands of personal care products.

Some folks say that Skin Deep judges ingredients in broad and generalised terms. I understand the concern, but its effort to bring the power of knowledge to average consumers and especially helping open people’s eyes to truly harmful ingredients commonly found in our everyday lives. Also, the database is still growing. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t have any relationship with the EWG and just want to make everyone safe and happy :)

How it helps

  1. EWG’s Skin Deep database shows you visually and instantly how safe the chemical ingredients are that you find in a wide range of products and cosmetics. It’s practical and easy to understand even if you are just starting to read ingredient lists or don’t know much about it.
  2. It provides a huge database which is always growing. The core of Skin Deep is an electronic product database that contains ingredients of 64,638 products and 2,062 brands (accessed on 12/01/17).
  3. It gives you some information about many cosmetic chemicals and links to data sources so you can learn how those ingredients received their ratings. It can be a good starting point for your own research and lets you cross-check too.

How to use

Go to http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ and search a product name itself or a ingredient name that you are interested. If green(score 1~2), it should be good. If yellow(score 3~6), check more details and see if its concerns are that you really need to care. If red(score 7~10), put it down nicely.

Let’s pick up one of your skin care products that you already have and search for the ingredients’ Skin Deep score for your practice!

Here are some useful and reputable websites you can also refer to for your cross check :)

Cosmetic Ingredient Review - http://www.cir-safety.org: I’d recommend you browse this website. It provides information about cosmetic ingredients in depth. And, EWG Skin Deep database also refer this site too.

CosIng - http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/cosing: The European Commission cosmetic substances and ingredients database. You need to use International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) name or by CAS number to search. The database shows cosmetic chemicals’ functions (roles in formula) and restrictions, etc.

Campaign for safe cosmetics - http://www.safecosmetics.org

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