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Dove, is it soap?

Jul 26, 2019 by Sora

Dove, the representative of mild soap. Is it soap?

Soap cleansing is burdensome on my skin, but ... I'm using Dove because it's mild in the soap.

Neutral soap, Dove

It is a fact that everyone agrees that pH is important in skincare. Now Dove is being advertised as 'neutral' soap. But strictly speaking, the word 'neutral' and 'soap' can not be used together. The soap produced by the classical method is to put caustic soda called sodium salt in fatty acid to make it solid and to get strong washing power from it. How did Dove make 'neutral' soap?

Dove, is it soap?

This is the product introduction screen from Dove Australia official website. There is no word of 'soap' anywhere. Instead, it says "Beauty cream bar". What about all the ingredients?

All of the ingredients are listed long, but the foamy 'synthetic' surfactants are all on top, then water, preservative, and seven fragrant ingredients that solidify the formula and complete the unique smell of Dove. Is not the soap made from the reaction of natural ingredients such as plant or animal fat and caustic soda? Why so many kinds of synthetic surfactants in Dove?

Neutral soap? Syndet bar

Neutral or slightly acid soaps are not soaps. It is called 'beauty bar' which is called ' syndet bar' (compound words from synthetic and detergent) which is made by adding synthetic surfactants to the soap base, like Dove. The Dove Beauty Cream Bar is a product name that emphasises the fact that it contains a lot of moisturising ingredients. Unlike soap, it is classified as cosmetics, so it is required to disclose all ingredients.

Why syndet bar is needed instead of traditional soap?

Soap combines with metal contained in tap water and makes soap scum. Those who used soap would have had a hard time cleaning the soap scum in the sink or bathtub. Also, the soap has a high pH so it has strong detergency, but it also removes the skin protective film, which makes the skin dry. Syndet bar is developed to solve these problems. It is possible to use synthetic surfactants that are milder than soap, and the pH problem can be reduced into neutral.

Syndet bar is not soap

Syndet bar resembles the shape of soap and solves the disadvantages of soap. In case of sensitive skin such as atopy, it is often recommended syndet bar rather than classic soap. There are some reports that the irritation was actually less. But you do not need a product that there are many fragrance ingredients that are harmful to human bodies, why should you stick to a 'soapy shaped bar' like Dove? These ingredients are no different from gels or liquid cleansers that we commonly know, and they are only relatively high in pH.

Check all ingredients

PH, and in the order that it irritates the skin, the order of soap > syndet bar > synthetic cleanser. There is a reason why the word " syndet bar " is unfamiliar to us. It's ingredients or detergency power is not good to compare with traditional soap. At the same time, it's not a pH balanced product neither... Something's a little ambiguous.But it has been used for a long time, and there are definitely people who want to wash with Dove. If syndet bar type cleanser is suitable for your skin, why not check out all the ingredients and pick fragrance-free one?

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