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Do not wipe out with cleansing wipes

Mar 12, 2017 by Sora

Do you use cleansing wipes to remove your make-up? Have you wondered what ingredients are in them that enable them to remove make-up perfectly just by wiping your face with them?

Can you guess what the following ingredient list is for?

What are in the cleansing wipes?

Believe it or not, the ingredients shown in the above table are from a small packet of a leading cosmetic brand’s cleansing wipes. You can easily check each ingredient’s role in the formula and EWG’s Skin Deep rating, too. Sadly, you might have noticed repeated terms such as "surfactant", "preservative", and "perfuming." Moreover, it contains many more toxic chemical ingredients as well. According to the company, the instructions for use are to ‘Gently cleanse face, neck and eye area with soft wipe, keeping the eyes closed. No need for rinsing off.’ Oh come on! If I were you, I would definitely wash it off!

As you can see from the above, the main ingredient of cleansing wipes is water. The remains are skin conditioners, surfactants, preservatives and lots of fragrances. Surfactant, the foaming agents, are added to make sure the cleansing wipes removes make-up residues effectively. The amount of surfactants can be an issue. The more effective cleansing ability means the more surfactants in the cleansing wipes and also the more irritations on the skin. Surfactants, when left on the skin, strip all the natural oils that are supposed to protect the skin. Once the skin protectors are gone, now, surfactants penetrate into deep skin layers. At this time, other toxic chemicals also penetrate together with the surfactants and it causes ‘contact dermatitis’ on sensitive skin.

Surfactants and contact dermatitis...

Perfuming agents are serious toxic chemicals...

Many people use cleansing wipes as a pre-cleanser because they're handy to use, but using a cleansing wipe is not a good skincare routine because of contact dermatitis. Unlike baby wipes, cleansing wipes contain more surfactants to remove make-up effectively and more perfuming agents, like the above example, to make the product more attractive to consumers. Also, the way to use cleansing wipes can be a problem. Wiping the skin excessively with cleansing wipes creates friction between the skin and the wipe’s fiber. It causes skin irritation too. 

Check the ingredients list before you buy it!

You get the convenience of it, and it’s harmless; like two sides of the same coin... Use cleansing wipes only when really necessary and if you use cleansing wipes, rinse off carefully. It may help to apply cream or lotion that is slightly acidic on the wiped area/s. As I always said, knowledge is the power and to find less harmful cleansing wipes, please check the ingredients list!

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