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Are you looking for non-irritating personal care products?

Apr 12, 2019 by Sora

Are there typical ingredients that cause skin irritation? Why do they add ingredients that cause skin irritation to personal care products?

I would like to use a product with less skin irritation due to my sensitive skin, especially when the weather changes. How should I choose it?

Main cosmetic ingredients that cause skin irritation

Among cosmetic ingredients, there are ingredients that easily cause skin irritation. But you may think it is a necessary evil if you look at the items below. Could there be sunscreen products without sunscreen ingredients? Do you have a dye that does not contain colour ingredients?

  • Preservatives: It is perhaps the first ingredients to come up when you list down the ingredients that cause the skin irritation. But, because you cannot wear rotten personal care product, a preservative is certainly a necessary evil. Of course, some product that does not require purified water, such as oil blends made with 100% oil, oil blend and balm type products may not necessarily need the preservative.
  • Fragrance (including essential oils): It's a good idea to avoid synthetic fragrance that is added for marketing purposes as there is nothing good at all it does to the skin. Natural essential oils should be looked at with a little caution if you have sensitive skin type. They have been used as aromatherapy and remedies since ancient times. Despite its long history, there are no clinical trials done targeting pregnant women and infants, so it is best to avoid them.
  • Hair dye: Dyeing agents used in hair dyeing products have a large molecular size and are difficult to penetrate into the hair. Therefore, low-molecular dyes such as FD & C, D & C, which are known as harmful ingredients are being added to make the hair dye. They can easily penetrate into the scalp and skin layer and may cause skin irritation, allergic reaction, inflammation.
  • Sunscreen: Are you familiar with sunscreen ingredients classifications, the physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen? Often safer and safer, the physical sunscreen protects your skin by reflecting UV light that touches the skin. On the other hand, the chemical sunscreen protects the skin by absorbing ultraviolet light from the skin surface and this process easily causes skin irritation.
  • Surfactant: Moisturiser = oil + water. The surfactant is an ingredient that emulsifies these two unmixable ingredients magically. The name surfactant comes from the fact that the substances eliminate the surface energy of the layer where the two component. From emulsifiers that mix water and oil to detergents that we use in the laundry are all surfactants.
  • Tanning/whitening/peeling agent: The natural keratinization of the skin cells and the pigmentation process are irritated by the synthetic chemical component and induce skin dryness. In particular, alpha hydroxy acid(AHA), which is the main component of an exfoliating product, is a strong acidic ingredient, which may cause skin dehydration and irritation.

Personal care products that cause skin irritation

So what are some of the products that cause skin irritation? If you take a closer look at the above explanation, you can guess it soon. Shampoo/aftershave with a lot of surfactants, fragrance/deodorant which is mainly composed of fragrant ingredients, and hair dye product and lipstick that uses pigment. In the case of traditional soaps, the pH is strongly alkaline (pH 9-10), which can cause skin dryness and can cause dry or sensitive skin.

To reduce skin irritation

Then, what products should you choose to reduce skin irritation?

  • pH balanced products similar to skin: Use a cleanser or exfoliation agent adjusted to a pH balanced other than products that cause skin dryness, such as acidic exfoliation products or strong alkalic soaps.
  • Rich oil composition: Choose a product with natural oil ingredients. The oil itself is a natural 'anti-irritant' ingredient.
  • Moisturising ingredients: Please check if the product contains the moisturising ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid which can secure the moisture of the skin and prevent dryness.
  • Mild surfactant ingredients: Choose the product that is using Decyl-glucoside, Coco-glucoside and other non-ionic surfactants as the main foaming ingredients.
  • Anti-irritant ingredients: Please check if there are ingredients that are effective enough to reduce irritation, such as Alpha Bisabolol, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Chamomile.

Check all the ingredients before you buy

Make sure you thoroughly check all ingredients. Even the same ingredient could make a big difference, depending on whether it is located at the front or the end of the full ingredients list. Compare carefully, you will be able to choose the right product for your skin condition.

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