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Anti-aging starts with sunscreen

Jun 7, 2019 by Sora

Are you using facial foundation or powder with SPF ingredients, instead of using a proper sunscreen product? Do you use sun care products only in the morning makeup time?

I only use a facial foundation with SPF ingredient because I do not like the sticky feeling of suncare products. Wouldn’t it be okay since I am always at the office the whole day?

Factors causing skin ageing

One of the factors that cause ageing is your genes inherited from your parents. Sadly this is the factor you cannot control. Another factor would be external factors such as smoking, polluted environment, malnutrition or exposure to sunlight. These are the factors that can be adjusted by changing your lifestyle. However, one factor that cannot be adjusted is exposing to the sunlight.

SPF ingredients that used in whitening and anti-ageing skincare products

Did you know that the expensive anti-ageing or whitening skincare products contain SPF ingredients? Because sunlight is the key factors in accelerating the ageing, these skincare products cannot function without the SPF components. Once again, blocking sunlight is the most definite way to delay skin ageing.

Making a habit of using sun products

UVA, the main culprit of ageing your skin, easily penetrate through windows of building, car or aeroplane. It is recommended that you use sun care products in the day even if you do not do outdoor activity. If you wear makeup every day, it is good to use the base products, facial foundation or powder with SPF ingredients together. When you go outdoors, it is advised to use a sun product SPF15 at least. If you are exposed to sunlight for long hours, do not solely rely on the makeup product with slight SPF ingredients, must use them together with the proper sun product that can block both UVA and UVB. Because UV rays that go through your skin, accumulate in there and accelerate the ageing.

Check the ingredients of the sunscreen product you use

Physical sunscreen products are considered as more green and safer to your body but, many choose chemical sunscreen products over physical ones due to its light texture and easier cleansing method.

The problems that chemical sunscreen products have that they are harmful ingredients themselves to the human body. Also, these ingredients absorb and scatter UV rays on the skin surface but, at the same time, allow the other external components into the skin too. This makes the chemical sunscreens even more dangerous. How do we find sun products that are light skin feel, easy to wash and SAFE?

How can I know if a sunscreen ingredient is harmful?

If you search ‘name of the sunscreen + EWG’, you find Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database. Shall we search for oxybenzone, one of the famous chemical sunscreen ingredients, as an example?

Click onto the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database the ingredient appears as a number with green, yellow and red colour, indicating how harmful it is to the human body and environment with reference. You need to REAPPLY sunscreen product every two hours during outdoor activities… you shouldn't use it if you're looking at Hazard Score 4 or higher, with yellow and red indicate colours.

Make sure to check all the ingredients

Sunscreen considered a necessary evil for skincare. If you still hesitate to use it, what about trick yourself like you use an anti-ageing product now? It is a product that you use frequently every day, so don't forget to check all ingredients thoroughly!

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