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4 Reasons why you should choose bespoke skin care

May 10, 2017 by Sora

4 Reasons why you should choose Bespoke Skin Care

  1. “I try to carefully read ingredient lists when I shop, but I still don’t have a clear idea of whether products are safe or not…” We are all encouraged to check the ingredient lists of personal care products we buy and use, but what you said is true. It’s not easy to understand their chemical names listed, and some products don’t even have their full ingredient lists! The Brown Bottle shows you each raw ingredient’s EWG Skin Deep database score visually to help you easily understand. You will be notified The Brown Bottle uses organic certified emulsifiers and Ecocert approved preservative to provide safe skin care products.
  2. Have you ever considered why we buy eye cream, anti-aging cream, whitening cream, etc. separately? If you are a person who used to check the ingredient lists of skin care products, you might realise that there are the same ingredients are repeatedly shown on various products. It means cosmetic companies add active ingredients to achieve each function such as anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, and so on, using a similar base formula. Is there any problem if we add those active ingredients together in one product? Isn't an active ingredient that is effective for eye wrinkles also good for entire facial wrinkles?   
    Make your all-round moisturiser that contains all the active ingredients you need according to your skin type by following The Brown Bottle’s Bespoke program. You can start Skin Care Diet naturally because you won’t need multiple skin care products anymore. Let your skin breathe!
  3. Specialty skin care products… Can you guess the amount of the active ingredients in there? We are literally surrounded with specialty skin care products that boldly advertise their effectiveness. Have you ever considered the actual amount of active ingredients in those products? When you make your Bespoke skin care products at The Brown Bottle, you can add the exact amount of the ingredients that enable them to work as advertised. Don’t waste your money and effort...
  4. Let’s do skin care diet with The Brown Bottle’s Bespoke skin care. Make our skin and our precious environment safe and comfortable! Make your own all-round skin care products that are safe and fit on your skin type. You can reduce the risk when you use multiple skin care products without awareness. It leads protection for our health and environment by reducing the waste, too. Experience the good circle!

So how does Bespoke work?

There are three options to get bespoke products.

  1. Use our default formula for all skin types. If you are not sure about your skin types, this option will be good enough for you.
  2. If you want a dedicated product based on your skin type and concerns, simply tick any of matched ones then our system will bring recommended formula accordingly.  
  3. You can even fully customise as you wish by selecting individual ingredients. We don't normally recommend this option unless you are a guru!

Once you place order, all your selected ingredients from the above options with the product base will be delivered to you. When you get it, all you need is just mix everything and use! See more about How It Works.

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