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1 Face Sheet Mask a Day - Does it really work?

Jan 30, 2018 by Sora

Do you use a facial mask sheet each day as part of your extended skincare routine? Have you ever had skin trouble since starting to use a face sheet mask daily?

Many celebrities who have glowing skin include ‘a sheet mask each day’ among their beauty secrets, so I’ve used a mask every night. My facial skin has become moisturised and bright. However, I’m worried about continuing because I have found some negative feedback online and people say they have developed some skin problems...

Whether it's really part of their daily life or just for show, a lot of celebrities have sheet mask selfies on SNS these days, and it looks like a popular new trend. Many people say they had instant improvements by following celebrities' suggestions, however, others say they actually had trouble with various mask products.

Why are sheet masks so popular?

Sheet mask consists of a thin cotton or felt sheet doused in a liquid-based formula that claims to moisturize, brighten, and even treat fine lines at once. Also, it’s super easy to use, just wash your face and put the sheet mask on your face for 15-20 mins. That’s all! You don’t need to wash your hands again or lie down still as when you do a traditional facial mask pack. Sounds too good to be true. Doesn't it?

Does ‘1 Sheet Mask 1 Day’ really work?

Sheet masks are becoming more popular because they are easy to use and are said to have instant effects. But it's a bit hard to go for this ‘1 sheet mask 1 day’ trend, as there is also a lot of scepticism surrounding it, It ultimately boils down to what kind of sheet mask you and when and how you use it.

We see many different skincare effects, such as lifting, whitening, and wrinkle-reducing care on sheet mask packages, which can be really exciting if you believe it without doubt, but let’s think about it rationally. The only skincare effect you can reasonably expect is skin hydration, like when we use common serums. When you put a sheet mask on, it instantly increases the water content on the surface of your face, while occlusion decreases water evaporation. That's where the sensation of instant skin hydration comes from. However, if your skin is continuously exposed to water, that can cause premature ageing. It’s the same process that ages the skin of your hands and gradually makes them rough when you expose them to water too often, like if your job requires dish washing or something similar.

Check ingredient lists of your sheet mask before use

According to beauty professionals, products that consist of mainly purified water and plant extracts are okay to use every day. But if water is added to a product, so too must preservatives be added to keep the products safe and sanitary for at least two years. Ideally, the preservative amount is supposed to be safe even if it is absorbed into the skin, but it hasn't been proven yet whether it’s safe for everyday use.

If you use sheet masks that contain highly active ingredients each day, they will likely make your skin sensitive. This is because that kind of sheet mask (ones that promise to tighten pores, whiten skin, and exfoliate) usually not only contain irritating ingredients but also give too much nourishing, which ironically causes skin trouble due to overnutrition. If you use products that contain active ingredient such as retinol, vitamins, amino acids everyday (that is, nutrients that need to be absorbed into the skin slowly), you may end up with negative effects like pimples or skin sensitisation.

Use sheet mask occasionally as your instant hydrating booster

It’s better to use sheet masks only occasionally when you need instant skin hydration rather than every day. Also, avoid leaving a sheet mask on until it dries out. Once a sheet dries out, it actually starts to absorb water back from your skin, and that makes your face drier. Use a sheet mask as directed, and don’t forget to apply moisturiser after that. The most important thing you should remember is checking ingredients list of sheet mask products and decide when and how frequently you use them before you use them!

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