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What is your true skin type?

Normal, dry, oily, or complex. Do you still understand your skin as a type of skin that was classified by a cosmetics company 100 years ago?

Skin type analysing apps? Only you can tell about your skin.

'Simply take a photo of your face, send it. The apps will tell you what your exact skin type based on AI and big data!' Sounds stunning. On that photo, is there any information about your lifestyle, family history, and the environment where you live, etc.? That’s why hidden surveys are surely followed, that you have to explain your skin after you download the apps.

Dr. Baumann skin type test and 16 skin types

American dermatologist Leslie Baumann developed the Skin Type Test and it measures four factors in the skin and caterorises into 16 skin types.

Check your true skin type out at The Brown Bottle

If you answer a total of 61 questions one by one, you may be surprised, "Oh, is this checking this far?" and you'll be more and more excited about the results. When you complete the Baumann Skin Type test, it will show the right skincare regimen for your skin precisely the ingredients that your skin needs and should avoid, from a cleanser to sunscreen.

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Take the Baumann questionnaire and discover which of the 16 unique skin types describes your skin, which ingredients to avoid, the skincare tips that are right for you, and your new time and money-saving regimen!

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