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Why different

DIY Innovation

Honestly, the best skincare product is a product made by yourself, but it's not that easy, right? We proudly introduce the quick and easy DIY solution called 'Bespoke'. You can personalise products in a few minutes by following our carefully tested formula guidelines. After all, everything you need is to mix them and use. Isn’t it simple?

True Organic

We are not trying to make perfect fragrance or texture by constraint. Instead, we continually put our best efforts to replace chemical base ingredients with organic stuff. We guarantee all our organic ingredients are ACO or USDA certified.

No Frills

Are you happy with $300 non-organic anti-aging creams of well named brands? Have you ever thought what is the real cost of the product excluding the expenses on marketing, middlemen and such? We directly deal with you and thoughtfully minimise the expenses spent on the packages.Our goal is to make best quality products and supply them with reasonable price to you.

What People Are Saying

  • The result I get from the shampoo is phenomenal even though it's a 3-in-1 product that doesn't have the usual bad chemicals so abundant in other products. I'm 58 and my hair is bouncier and stronger. I never thought an organic product without chemicals would be this great. Recommended.

    - Joanne C.

  • Have been looking for products like brown bottle for many years. The oil blend is so effective but gentle on my skin. And the shampoo really makes my hair soft and shine. I can feel it highest quality shampoo without harsh chemicals. Love the scent most!!!! I will definitely buy it again.

    - Kelly C.

  • This shampoo is suitable for someone who is losing hair..... I love this one! so mild and soothing. thx xxx

    - Joohye F.

  • Lovely toner for pre-mums! I'm a big fan of essential oils but during pregnancy period, I should avoid them... Thanks to this lovely hydrosol toner, I can enjoy the safe and divine scent of chamomile. :)

    - Sam

  • Great for oily with very dry patchy skin. Knowing the soft feeling is not a make-believe effect from silicone and all the other chemicals gives me a big relief as I had such horrible reactions to a super expensive brand name product which turned out to be full of alcohol, perfume, preservatives.

    - Rebecca

  • I'm really happy so far my skin feels soft and pores appear smaller. I would have liked the list of ingredients in the oil even if it didn't say the dose of each oil. just so I was aware of what I’m using on my skin other than hemp oil. Thank you Nic xx

    - Nicole R.

  • Best shampoo! I have the maddest, curly hair one could imagine. Add fine hair. Add sensitive and itchy scalp. Looking after my hair has been a nightmare. I got a sample of this 3-1 shampoo and have ditched everything in my cupboards since. It is just wonderful. Just one bottle does it all. I love it. Don't stop making it!

    - Renee

  • My hairdresser praised me what I've done! I've used TBB soapberry shampoo and the bottle is nearly empty. So let's say I've used for 2 months. My scalp is very clean and comfortable. No scab, No dry flake, No peel. She said my hair is fuller now and that what I feel when I tie my hair! I should have left this review earlier. I can't wait to try this bubble free shampoo!!!

    - Emma

  • I have been looking for a good cleanser for a while, one that would not dry out my skin. Finally I found one, the All-In-1 Cleanser, it's great! thanks to The Brown Bottle.

    - Ann

  • Happy to see this serum :) Me and my son loved so much this! Can't forget the scent of cucumber seed oil...

    - Carolyn T.

  • A very good alternative to the tube. Coming from brushing with tooth powder this is an upgrade. I do see a difference in my teeth and my mouth feels clean after I brush. The one thing I'd like to add is, with any powder product, open it carefully.

    - Matt

  • My little one loves it and I love it too! So happy to find this tooth powder. All safe ingredients for my baby and for me too. :)

    - gguljam

How it works

1. Select product

Select what personal care product you wish to make.

2. Compose ingredients

Simply select our default formula or get more dedicated formula by your skin types and concerns. Even you can fully customise if you want.

3. Order

Order it through our secure payment methods and get delivered via Australia Post.

4. Mix and use

Pour all your selected ingredients into the container and shake well. That's it. You are good to go!

Save your skin, save our world

1% of your TOTAL payment* will be donated to GREENPEACE
*Delivery fee excluded

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